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Laser Grip 2 LG2
Two spaced apart light sources are mounted on the device so as to emit two discrete and divergent beams of light which extend in a direction towards the head of the club and which lie in a plane near the face of the club head and which is also substantially perpindicular to the club face.
The light tracings on the ground from the two beams of light at the intended point of impact of the golf club with the golf ball reveals a proper swing, with the club head being square to the intended direction of travel to the ball. This informs the golfer if the practice golf swing to the golf ball is on or off line, square to the ball or being hit in a toe-in toe-out condition.
Laser Grip 3 LG3
In addition the LG3 device can also be attached at the proximal end of the golf club housing a third laser, the source of which is coaxial with the shaft of the club and which extends in a direction opposite to the beam direction of the light sources on the carrier member. The ground tracing produced by this beam can also be used to inform the golfer of the swing plane of the club shaft. This is representative of the true plane in which the shaft of the club is located.
When the 3rd laser beam projects a line on the ground, then the golfer and /or instructor/observer can determine that the club rotation during the back swing has been correct. For example, when the lead arm ( the arm of the golfer which is closest to the target) of the golfer is substantially parallel to the ground during the back swing or down swing, then if the club is in the correct plane of swing, the image from the 3rd laser beam will impinge on the ground at or near the ball and/or along the intended line of flight of the ball.
Of course, with either the pair of first laser sources, or the 3rd laser source being activated, an indication is given to the golfer and/or the instructor/observer whether or not the club face of the golf club is "open" or "closed", an thus an indication will be given as to whether upon impact of the golf club with a golf ball, the ball will travel in the intended direction or veer to the right or left of the intended path.
Therefore, the laser track device provides critical real time feedback to the golfer, allowing him to use eye-hand co-ordination about the position of the hands and the club during both the back swing and the forward swing and thus develop the feel required to improve accuracy and increase distance along the target line.
Subsequent repeated use re-establishes that feel, when even good golfers may lose it over time.
Patent no. 7,537,525
Other US and world wide patents pending

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