US 7,537,525 B2 issued May 26th 2009

A Golf training device for aiding a golfer in perfecting their Grip on a golf club and their Swing.

The device of the present invention is a golf device for attachement to the grip portion of the handle portion at the end of the golf club.

The golf training device includes an elongated member made from a flexible plastic material and that is designed to frictionally engage the handle portion of the golf club. The device includes a gripping region that has first and second positioning aids theron for showing the golfer where to place their thumbs. The device further includes a pair of lasers that are mounted in a rest area that is integrally formed with the gripping region on the training device. The lasers are mounted so as to emit a pair of divergent laser beams outwardly away from the uppermost end of the device and on either side of the golf club head. The lasers are used to correctly align the device on the club shaft and as an aid for the golfer to check both his grip on the club and the position he assumes for addressing a golf ball.
The device may further be provided with a third laser mounted on the uppermost end of the gripping region. The third laser is activated to emit a third laser beam outwardly from the upper most end of the device. The third laser beam is aligned with the longitudinal axis of the device and is useful for training the golfer to correctly swing the golf club..
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