In order to be successful at golf, the golfer needs to master both their grip and swing. These elements combine at the point of contact of the golf club face with the golf ball.
These two features logically would seem to be related, and one affects the other in that the grip can affect the swing. If either of these components is missing, the golfer will tend to hook or slice the ball and will not play as well as he possibly could.
Many devices have been proposed in the past to aid in teaching the golfer how to grip a club in a consistent and correct manner. Still other devices have been proposed to aid in teaching the golfer to consistently and correctly swing the club.
There is still a need for a training device that will assist in teaching a golfer to combine these two elements and will effectively teach the golfer to both grip and swing the club properly.
After years of research and development
Stellar Tek Inc. is pleased to introduce,
Laser Grip... your solution to both Grip and Swing
Greater Distance and Accuracy- Guaranteed !

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